core technology
▪ normal crankshaft processing technology for gasoline engines ▪ quenching control technology for crankshaft crank neck of gasoline engine ▪ crankshaft taper axial positioning control technology for gasoline engine ▪ back and forth swing type curved neck polishing technique ▪ motorcycle crankshaft pressing technology ▪ horizontal pressing technology of crankshaft gear ▪ eccentric shaft machining technology ▪ angular inspection technique for spindle plane and eccentric plane of shaft parts ▪ circumferential positioning technology for crankshaft crank machining ▪ plane Angle detection technique for eccentric journal of shaft parts
System Certification
The company has obtained IATF16949 international quality system certification, and continues to improve in accordance with the requirements of the system, consolidate the basic management, promote lean production, improve the human resource management system, and strive to improve the comprehensive ability of customer service. The company fully fulfills its social responsibility and increases its investment in environmental protection, safety and occupational health. In addition to the relevant national standards certification, the company has also obtained ISO14000 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Testing equipment
The company has a complete range of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad, covering the precision Measurement, chemical composition, metallographic structure, mechanical properties and other aspects. Such as: the Taylor hopson's columnimeter, Zeiss's CMM, shimazu's light Spectrometer, etc.