Digital Information Management, Promoting the Rise of Meixin Yishen Intelligent Manufacturing

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On September 7, 2018, the "Emei Mental Creation and Emei Mental Rise - Meixin Yishen Information Application Experience Conference" sponsored by Youyou Network and sponsored by Meixin Yishen Company was solemnly held in Fuling, Chongqing. More than 200 informationization managers visited Meixin Yishen's informationization application and felt the charm of Meixin Yishen's intelligent management.




Visitors to Meixin Yishen Site for Inspection and Visit


Guests listen and learn at the conference

Informatization is the only way for all enterprises

At present, Chongqing is vigorously promoting the strategic action plan of innovation-driven development led by big data intellectualization, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing intellectualization. Luo Shiyuan, deputy director of Ma'an Street, Fuling New District, Chongqing, said in his speech that on the new development journey, Fuling New District of Chongqing also ushered in new development. Fuling District Government responded to the city's call to lead the development of industry with high-tech and make enterprises achieve new breakthroughs. It is hoped that more and more enterprises can learn from Meixin and actively promote the digital reform and upgrading of enterprises, so as to drive the change by management and achieve a new height of manufacturing development in Fuling District.


Address by Luo Shiyuan, Deputy Director of Ma'an Street, Fuling New District, Chongqing

Intelligent Decision Making Digital Enterprise

Meixin Yishen focuses on crankshaft manufacturing. Since its establishment, 54 patents have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, covering the company's core business. It includes 10 core technologies of independent research and development, involving product design and development, production and manufacturing, auxiliary tools, inspection and testing and other aspects. At the meeting, Mr. Zhou Yong, General Manager of Meixin Yishen, shared that "all the achievements of Meixin Yishen can not be achieved without the company's continuous exploration and promotion of information technology, the ultimate goal is to achieve intelligent decision-making."

At present, with the help of information management, Meixin Yishen has realized the participation of all functional departments and the application of all business processes, while maintaining the continuous development of deep-seated applications. Through the comprehensive application of information management system in the company, the data is more accurate and the control is more precise, from increasing the security of stock delivery to strict sales and fixed production, from the lack of detailed manual piecework to clear and transparent automatic statistics, from post-statistics to real-time inquiry, from five days to online timely bookkeeping, enterprise management has achieved. Upgrading in an all-round way!


General Manager Zhou Yongzuo's Speech on Digital Enterprise Management

Innovation Management Speaking with Numbers

Ms. Chen Junping, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of the company, shared the benefits brought to the enterprise by the application of information technology.

Industry Chain Synergy

The company has nearly 300 suppliers with high matching requirements. Information management helps the company achieve the unified portal management of suppliers. Suppliers can check accounts independently, register accounts independently, invoice independently and inquire independently, and they can keep abreast of the balance and consumption of the company's warehouses at any time. The storage time of warehouse managers was shortened from 2 hours to 2 minutes.

Fine Cost Accounting

Under the traditional mode, product cost accounting is extensive, and cost analysis can not be restored. The accounting cycle is long and the workload of collecting and auditing basic data is large. It is impossible to collect costs according to production orders, production lines and products. Fine cost control and cost prediction can not be achieved. After information management is put on line, it realizes automatic accounting according to order, production line and product cost; the cost data can be restored and traceable, and the cost-related analysis report forms can be automatically generated; it realizes the cost management and control system integrating cost prediction, cost control and cost analysis to provide timely and effective numbers for business decision-making. According to the data, the cost accounting cycle has been reduced from about 4 days to about 2 hours, and the cost accounting and analysis report can be completed.

Piecework performance

By using the function application of the wage system of Friends'information management, the original team piece-work is changed into individual piece-work. The employees can check the piece-work wage of the day or the month at any time. The transparency of the piece-work wage reduces the employees' complaints and improves their work enthusiasm significantly. The number of products scrapped is also less and the efficiency is higher. At the same time, the full-time statisticians and salary accounting personnel formerly allocated for the workshop have been reduced, which greatly saves the human cost.


 Chen Junping, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of the Company, reports on the achievements of information technology


Industrial Collaborative Lean Production

Mr. Feng Qi, director of the company's operation center, explained in detail the lean production of Meixinyishen. Meixin Yishen is mainly based on order-taking production. The delivery time of orders is demanding, and the problems of large orders, small batches of multi-varieties and difficult tracking of order progress have long plagued the production of enterprises. Meixin Yishen and UFI solved these puzzles through intelligent planning management, lean workshop management and quality traceability throughout the life cycle.

Intelligent Plan Management

Through MRP, the plan can be delivered more accurately, promptly and quickly, thus eliminating human errors. The origin and implementation process of the plan can be traced back, which reduces the backlog of materials, speeds up the turnaround time and meets the market demand.

Lean workshop management and control

Through the application of bar code in the whole process, we can keep abreast of the status of production process, completion, construction waste and material waste at any time; the discrepancy of workshop inventory-making has been reduced from 1000 items per month to less than 50 items per month; real-time collection, real-time statistics and real-time analysis of quality-related data; automatic statistics and automatic verification of piece-rate wages Calculate and improve the enthusiasm of employees.

Life cycle Quality Traceability

The quality process traceability is carried out according to the finished product code, and the quality traceability of the whole product life cycle is realized. No longer need full-time personnel to analyze the quality data, greatly shorten the rectification time.


Feng Qizuo, Director of Company Operations Center, Report on Information Management of Production and Business Process

   After scientific information management, Meixinyishen upgraded the transformation of information management. All of these can not be separated from the constant exploration of the informationization road by Meixin Yishen. During the whole experience meeting, the participants felt the firm belief of Meixinyishen people in information construction and digital transformation. It is believed that Meixin Yishen will continue to deepen the application of digital information technology, and that Meixin Shen Zhisheng will rise in the east of the world in an all-round way.

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