Secretary of Fuling District Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zongshen Industry G

pubdate:2017-09-02 11:03:42 source: 美心翼申

On September 2, 2017, Li Hongyi, Secretary of Fuling District Committee, Zuo Zongshen, Chairman of Zongshen Industry Group Board, Huang Peiguo, General Manager of Zongshen Power, and other leaders came to visit our company for guidance. Our chairman Xu Zhengsheng, director Wang Anqing and general manager Zhou Yong warmly received Secretary Li and Chairman Left.

Chairman Xu of our company introduced to the leaders our working conditions, product characteristics, business objectives and achievements, and accompanied Secretary Li and Chairman Zuo to visit Fuling factory area and the production lines of Phase I and Phase II being produced, automated production lines and the production line of casting blanks to be put into operation soon, Secretary Li. Chairman Left affirmed the company's development achievements.



General Manager Zhou Yong introduced the company's main business sectors and product structure. Secretary Li and Chairman Left gave high comments on the company's industrial structure and future development.



Accompanied by Chairman Xu, Secretary Li and Chairman Zuo visited the crankshaft automation production line of the compressor and the crankshaft automation production line of the Fuling factory. Understanding how our automated production line guarantees quality, improves efficiency and reduces consumption, the two leaders have a strong interest in our automated production.



      Finally, accompanied by Chairman Xu, Secretary Li and Chairman Left also visited the company's newly built third-phase plant, which was built and put into production, marking the further development of Meixin Yishen's strategy. Secretary Li and Chairman Left have affirmed and high expectations for the future development of the company. We hope that the company will make rapid progress and create brilliance with the good opportunity of development.

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